Meet super cute Ethan-Paul

Meet super cute Ethan-Paul….just before Ethan-Pauls 2nd birthday he was diagnosed with unilateral Retinoblastoma and as a result lost his vision in his left eye. In May Ethan-Paul finished his 6th round of chemotherapy just before his baby brother was born. 💙 The consultants are now in discussion with regards to his next stage of treatment and in the meantime Ethan-Paul will continue will laser treatment on his eye while having regular scans.

This is what mum told us:-

We received the smile bag today, and he absolutely loves all the presents you have kindly sent. We’ve spent a fair amount of time in hospitals since the diagnosis a lot of which Ethan-Paul’s had to fast for as he goes under general anaesthetic for his treatment so these toys will help to keep him distracted from wanting to eat and drink which he loves to do.

Ethan-Paul has been so brave throughout his journey and we’re so proud of how he’s handled everything he has had to face at such a young age. A real inspiration to us.

We would like to thank Maddi’s Buttflies for the smile bag, he’s loves it and has certainly put a massive smile on his face.

We are so pleased that we were able to create a smile for Ethan-Paul and his family today.

Sending all our love and support to Ethan-Paul and his family on their continued journey 🥰

🦋Creating Smiles Everyday🦋