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Maddi’s Butterflies has been Creating Smiles for children undergoing cancer treatment since 2012. This has been our prime aim since the charity’s inspiration, Madison, passed away aged just 7 years old on Boxing Day 2011.

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with children’s cancer charity Clic Sargent to grant wishes and provide holidays in our caravan to the children and families they refer to us.

More recently, Maddi’s Butterflies and Clic Sargent have discussed ways in which we can really help to create even more smiles for children who are going through the fight of their lives.

These discussions led to the suggestion of goody bags and treasure boxes for children who are starting or are in the midst of their cancer journey.

We’re therefore immensely proud to be launching our ‘Smile in a Bag’ and ‘Smile in a Box’ project in 2020.

Our specially designed, filled and reusable goody bags will initially be given to children who are feeling low by their Clic Sargent Advisor on behalf of Maddi’s Butterflies.

As we roll out the project, more of the goody bags will be given to every child who is diagnosed with cancer and is referred to the charity, by Clic Sargent.

Clic Sargent will also refer children who really need a boost later on in their treatment. These children will receive a more bespoke ‘Smile in a Box’ which will be more tailored to their needs and it will have much more in them.

Our aim, as ever, is to keep Creating Smiles everyday for children who find themselves in the midst of dealing with cancer. We’re very excited about our ‘Smile in a Bag’ and ‘Smile in a Box’ and we can’t wait to roll them out in 2020!