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Our aim is to create smiles by providing small wishes and holidays in our newly kitted out caravan situated in Blackpool.

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At the tender age of just 10 months old, our Daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer known as Neuroblastoma.

Throughout her short and inspirational life we watched her courageously fight this disease and try to live her life as any other Child. However, despite extensive treatment here in the United Kingdom and also travelling to Germany several times for treatment, Madison sadly lost her brave battle and left us on Boxing Day 2011, aged only 7 years. 

Knowing first-hand how this terrible disease can affect not only the Child, but also extended Family members and in honour of our precious Daughter’s bold and valiant fight, we decided to set up a Charity to help raise awareness and money to assist Families with Children who have also been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and other rare forms of cancer. 

After much deliberation as to what we should name the Charity, we finally decided on “Maddi’s Butterflies”, this came after Maddi passed away and we were looking through her belongings and we found many drawings of butterflies that she had drawn and coloured in, something we had never noticed before. 

Our objectives for the Charity are wide and varied. We will endeavour to try and grant any wish a Child may have, arrange a day trip or short holiday for the Child and their Family or even help to transform a Child’s bedroom or play area. 

We work closely with Clic Sargent, McMillan and the parents and to ensure that we provide the best perfect gift for the child in need. 

“Quite simply, our main focus is to try and put a smile back on the faces of Children who are suffering pain and discomfort and may feel like they have little to smile about. We also wish to alleviate some of the financial burden on the Families of these Children by providing them with these gifts and treats.” 

Unfortunately, we are not alone in having lost our Child to this disease and are only too aware of the after-effects of the death of a loved one. With this in mind, we will also endeavour to help bereaved Families who are suffering to come to terms with their loss. 

If you are related to or know of any Child suffering from a rare form of cancer and would like to give them back a little normality, please contact us. 

Please note that regrettably, we may require medical confirmation of a Child’s illness prior to considering any requests for help, this is normally done through a Clic Sargent Advisor/McMillan Nurse 

Maddi’s Story

Madison Jane Allan was born on 23rd September 2004 at a healthy 7lb 2oz and was absolutely beautiful. The family life which we had craved had just begun…

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