Charlie’s Story

charlieWhen my beautiful grandson Charlie was born in October 2011 he was perfect in every way, surrounded by granddaughter’s we had waited a long time for this little boy and everyone adored him.

He was named Charlie in memory of his great granddad who had died of cancer the previous November, Charlie’s Great Granddad had never called Charlotte (Charlie’s mum) anything else but Charlie all her life, so the name was just perfect.

As Charlie got older we noticed he wasn’t interacting with other children even his sister Grace was ignored and he wasn’t inquisitive about his surroundings as toddlers usually are. He was in his own little world and didn’t like unfamiliar surroundings or loud noises, although he was a happy little boy we knew he was special we just didn’t realise how special he would be.

Charlie started getting high temperatures quite often, we took him to our local Walk In Centre only to be told he had a viral infection and they sent him home with paracetamol and ibuprofen. Taking Charlie to the doctors became a traumatic experience, he hated to be touched and also Charlie is non verbal so couldn’t even communicate with us to let us know he was in pain.

One morning in June 2015, Charlie started with a quite pronounced limp and was again taken to A&E where we spent a traumatic day. Charlie had blood tests that showed nothing, he then had a cannula fitted into his hand that he instantly proceeded to rip out with his teeth while being restrained. The doctors decided to send him for an ultrasound scan which is when they discovered what they said at the time was fluid on his hip which they put down to a viral infection, we were yet again sent home with pain relief. Charlie seemed to get better with the medication and his limp slowly disappeared, but about a couple of months later Charlie’s eye began to droop so off again we went to the doctors who after trying to examine Charlie were flummoxed about the cause of it and sent Charlie home saying they would get him a appointment with a eye specialist.

CharlieTaylorA week after Charlie was due to go to an Autistic spectrum appointment to officially tell us what we as a family had known for a long time that our beautiful boy was Autistic, also he had ADHD, it was at this meeting one of the autistic specialist asked about Charlie’s eye and immediately made a appointment for Charlie to see a eye specialist the following day.
After the specialist had examined Charlie he confirmed Charlie’s eye was fine but there was something behind it pushing it out and sent Charlie for a CAT scan while trying to assure Charlotte that it was probably a build up of fluid, after being scanned the doctors took Charlotte to one side and told her it was a tumour and that it was malignant. Charlie spent the night at Wigan Hospital and was then transferred to the Oncology ward at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, were he underwent a 4 hour operation to take a biopsy of the tumour behind his eye and have a Hickman line put in ready for treatment. The operation was made more traumatic by Charlie pulling his line out in recovery and having to go back into surgery to have it refitted.  We then had a ten day agonising wait for the results, then we were taken into a room and told that Charlie had a rare aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma stage 4 that affects approx. 100 children a year in the UK with the survival rates was 40 to 50%. Charlie’s primary tumour was the one behind his eye running along his brow bone at the base of his brain it’s was also in his bones and at the base of his spine, he was to undergo a grueling 12mth treatment plan which would include high dose Chemotherapy, Surgery, Stem Cell aspiration and Radiation followed by Immunotherapy to restore his immune system with no guarantees of survival.
Our world fell apart that day in the space of a fortnight we had been told he was Autistic and also had ADHD and while trying to come to terms with this he also had Neuroblastoma a very aggressive cancer that often relapses.

We want to give Charlie the best possible chance of beating this monster (Cancer), so are appealing for people to help fundraise and donate to our appeal, no matter how little it seems, so we can get Charlie the treatment he deserves that isn’t available in the UK to make his chances of survival that little bit better, so please help us to go “Hand in Hand with Charlie” on this journey that no child should have to take. Charlie is a fighter let’s get an army behind him then his battle isn’t lost.


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Charlie is 4 yrs old & has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare form of Cancer. Help us raise £250,000 for Charlie to receive vital treatment abroad to improve his chances of survival. Join our army to help give Charlie a life he deserves.

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