Maddi’s Butterflies provide support to families affected by childhood cancer.  As well as supplying gifts, wishes, treats, toys and holidays, we also assist parents and caregivers who wish to raise much needed funds for to enable their child to receive treatment abroad.   The money raised will also help financially to the family for everyday costs while their child is fighting cancer.

“Samantha’s story –

Once it became clear that our daughter Madison required treatment, which was not available in the UK, we linked up with a charity, which helped us to raise funds to enable us to seek what she needed abroad.  This was successful for a period and we were so grateful for the funds raised for Madison’s treatment.  Although Madison’s time here was too short, the treatment gave us precious extra time with our daughter, above and beyond what the doctor’s in the UK had predicted.  However, we know that we would not have been able to raise the levels of funds we did without the assistance of a registered charity, as they dealt with the administrative burdens and day-to-day financial matters such as dealing with gift aid.  This allowed us, as a family, to focus on the two most important matters – Madison and raising the funds she needed.

As time has passed, the trustees of Maddi’s Butterflies have listened to my experiences of fundraising and dealing with a registered charity and we all felt that we could provide our own service in this area.

I have been in the horrendous position as a parent faced with raising substantial funds for treatment, which frustratingly is not available here.  I know what needs to be done.  But our service is unique in that as well as helping families raise funds for treatment, if an appeal is ran through Maddi’s Butterflies, we will assist with expenses and living costs.  We know that these elements can put further strain on family life whilst a child is undergoing cancer treatment.

Importantly, we also want to promote transparency here.  All too often, families can become confused as to whom and what the funds raised will be ultimately used for.  Once any member of the public provides funds to a child under an appeal, it becomes the public’s money.  Therefore, all funds raised under an affiliated appeal belong to Maddi’s Butterflies.  But they will be ring-fenced and protected for the child’s appeal, under the terms of an agreement, for as long as it is necessary.”

When launching an appeal, we will provide: –

  • A website page on the Charity’s existing website which will be dedicated to the child’s appeal and will have a link to the Just Giving Page for donations and Facebook/Twitter pages
  • Printed T-shirts in various sizes with child’s information/picture on for the parents to distribute between family and friends who are fundraising.
  • Silicone Wristbands with child’s appeal information on.
  • Large Banner and Pull Up banner showing child’s appeal information.
  • Collection Tubs & Buckets complete with labels.
  • Assistance with any PR work on Radio, Local/National Papers etc.
  • A Bank account for the child’s appeal, which will provide monthly bank statement.
  • Receipts for money paid directly to the Charity for the child’s appeal.
  • A Just Giving Page with child’s story.
  • A Facebook/Twitter Page for child’s appeal (if not already have one)
  • Arrangements for collecting any Gift Aid subject to the provision by the parents and donors of all necessary information and documents to enable such collection.
  • An Insurance Liability Certificate in respect of any events held by the parents with prior written approval of the Charity.
  • Information and such emotional assistance/support as the Charity are able to provide.

Our Current Appeals

Maddi's Butterflies - The Charlie Taylor Appeal


Charlie is 4 yrs old & has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare form of Cancer. Help us raise £250,000 for Charlie to receive vital treatment abroad to improve his chances of survival. Join our army to help give Charlie a life he deserves. more info

Maddi's Butterflies


....Maddi's Butterflies was set up in honour of Madison Allan who passed away after 7 years fighting Neuroblastoma. This charity is dedicated to now helping other children with Neuroblastoma and other Rare Cancers. We aim to make them smile by granting their wishes and look to you for support........ more info